Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! Hope you all are planning on having a great day today. I'm looking forward to the fireworks tonight. I've always loved watching fireworks. When I was growing up, the town fireworks were set off in the park next to our church building. We always had a front row seat from the parking lot. I've been back a time or two since I was married, and it was always a lot of fun. We took the kids to the fair at the park during the day, and then settled in at night to watch the fireworks from the parking lot or inside the air conditioning at the big windows. Kind of like having box seats.
Our years in Alabama were even better. Some close friends of ours hosted their own fireworks show almost every year. The whole church was invited, and most of them came too. Everybody brought a dish and sometimes we grilled hotdogs. When it got dark, Tammy handed out glow sticks and necklaces. Smart idea, too. That way you could keep track of all the kids in the dark. David put on a first class fireworks display with all the precision of a military general. Awesome time every year.
This is our second year in Florida for the Fourth. Both years part of our family has been away at camp. Last year, people in our subdivision set off their own fireworks on the other side of the retention pond. I mean full-fledged fireworks. The sparks landed near our house. Once again we had an awesome view from our upstairs windows. This time we may sit on the patio in the back, but if it doesn't rain today I may water our lawn before dark just to take care of those sparks!
Whether you're in a crowd, watching fireworks from home, or doing them yourself, have a great Independence Day!
Love the Red, White and Blue!

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