Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quiet, Please!

I've spent most of the past school year getting up at five in the morning. This was not by choice, but because that's how early I had to get up in order to shower and get ready, get the kids ready, and leave to get to school before 7:30. That may seem like a lot of time to some of you, but I move very slowly in the morning. Even then I was usually late. One of my many faults, I guess. But that's not what this blog entry is about.
I usually had most of my things out and ready so that I didn't have to hunt for clothes in the morning. I usually didn't need a light in the bedroom at all, which was good since my husband didn't have to get up that early. Once in a while I might need to turn on the closet light, but even then I pulled the door enough so it wasn't too jarring to him. Then I gathered my things, and got ready in the bathroom. My point is, I tried really hard not to disturb him when he still had the chance to sleep.
Why can't men be the same way? Or at least the men in my life? My husband and one of my sons left for camp at five in the morning on Monday. Most of their stuff was packed the night before, and I strongly hinted that they should be able to slip out without disturbing the rest of us. I did not want my three younger boys up and ready for the day that early in the morning. But there were a few problems. One, the alarm clock is on my side of the bed. it's been that way throughout our married life. No, it didn't make sense to move it to his side for one night because I needed the alarm for later in the morning. So I set it for four in the morning. When it went off, I woke Terry up and then leaned over to set the alarm. Thirty seconds of effort, and then I could go back to sleep. Unfortunately, my husband took that thirty seconds of effort to mean that I was awake and willing to help wherever needed. He snapped on his bedside lamp and asked me to wake up Luke. I agreed only because I wanted to check Luke's nose again before he left. (See yesterday's post). When I stumbled back to my room, I saw that my husband also had on the bathroom light and his closet light. That closet light shines directly in my eyes when I lay on my side of the bed. Off went the closet light and I crawled back in. My husband came back in the room before I went back to sleep, and I asked him if he had everything. No, he hadn't packed soap or shampoo. Couldn't find them. So I sent Luke to get the toiletries I'd purchased for their trip. Did he have toothpaste? Yeah, took the stuff in the bathroom. Okay, so what was I supposed to brush with all week? I gave him the toiletry items and made him put my toothpaste back. Then I drifted off. Only to be awakened a short time later.
"Honey, did you get any cash for me?" I sat up groggily and told him to bring me my purse. It was on the floor next to my side of the bed, but I didn't feel like leaning over, and I was getting a little aggravated by this time. Plus, the closet light was on again. I gave him his cash, complained about the light, which he promptly turned off, and laid back down. But then he sat on the bed to put on his shoes. He sat on my side of the bed to put his shoes on. Was he making a point? No. He just honestly doesn't think of these things.
They finally managed to haul their gear downstairs and I sighed with relief. They left the hall light on, but it wouldn't bother me too much if I rolled over. I heard the front door shut and knew they were on their way. A short time later I was shocked awake by a crash in the doorway of my room. I went from deep sleep to sitting upright, only to hear Luke muttering, "Sorry, sorry. That hurt! Sorry." Seems they hadn't left yet, and his dad had sent him up to get a couple of pillows to take with them. Luke was trying to move in the light from the hall, but he ran into the doorknob. Okay, now I guess I see why the closet light needed to be turned on. Luke got the pillows and left, turning off the hall light after I reminded him.
So what is it with guys? Are they just that unaware of other people's comfort? Are they truly unable to function without us? Or is there some latent resentment when someone else gets to sleep in and they don't? I'm really not sure. I think I'll contemplate it after I catch up on my sleep.

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