Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cravings and Comfort Food

Every once in a while you just gotta have it. Your body craves something and you just can't seem to get enough of it. Craving something to where you're willing to make a run to the store at eleven o'clock at night in order to satisfy the need. I'm not talking about weird pregnancy cravings such as pickles and chocolate. I'm talking about just "I'm really in the mood for---" fill in the blank because you can't stop thinking about it. I've had two of these lately and they're driving me crazy.
First off, I've been craving fruit-flavored candy. Now, anyone that knows me knows that, if there's not chocolate involved, candy and dessert are a waste of time. But for some reason, I'm craving any fruit-flavored candy I can get my hands on. Since I'm not supposed to eat candy, this is not a good thing. Hope this craving goes away soon!
The other thing I'm craving is homemade cream of broccoli soup. I know that's probably weird. But I can't help it. I have a recipe someone gave me and the soup is to die for. It is just a really wonderful comfort food and right now, I can't get enough. There's no other way to describe it--it is just an extremely comforting food. This is why I was making it at 10:30 last night. Just had to have some. Nothing else would do. When I finished, I sat back with a mug of it and oh was it good! I'll probably have some for breakfast this morning too.
Once in a while I crave fruit juice. I always love Welch's grape juice. I also like Dole's pineapple-orange-banana juice. That stuff is fantastic! It doesn't last long at our house because my boys drink it like water. Once in a while, water, milk or soda won't do. I have to have fruit juice.
So what do you crave? What is it that'll get you out of the house late at night? What's your comfort food? I'll read your answers when I get back from heating up another mug of soup.

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