Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me

I thought you all might want to see what kind of camera I got for my Mother's Day present. Terry and I went out looking last night and this is the one we brought home. (Of course we paid for it!) I wasn't necessarily in the market for a pink camera because I'm not a pink type of person (I'm more of a burgundy, actually). The silver version of this camera was one price, but because of a Mother's Day deal, Sony had packaged the pink version in a kit with a case, a memory stick and a few other goodies. The price was $10 more for all the extras, so that's the one we got. I don't mind the pink, and in my testosterone-filled household, the color guarantees that no one will mess with my camera.
As you can see from the other picture, it does complement my phone, which is burgundy even though it looks red in the picture. I've downloaded more than one picture to a blog before, but this particular effort took me several tries. Obviously there are still areas of technology I have not conquered.
So anyway, happy Mother's Day! Whether you get a present, or dinner out or a card or flowers, I hope that your children and your husband recognize your unique place in their family. And you have my admiration. You've got one of the toughest and greatest jobs in the world.


  1. Happy mother´s day!!!! I love your camera and the cover especially!!!... but I am a pink person. Not for clothing, but I love it for things mixed with contrast colors.

    Enjoy it! Now you have an excuse to post some photos here.... ???

  2. Ha! I'm not a pink gal, either, but I would have done the same thing!

  3. What an awesome gift! I am not really a pink girl either! Love Burgandy and Rasberry! Like your phone! But hey pink has it´s perks in you house huh? jeje.. would in mine too. I will have to remember that!


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