Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ups and Downs of the Weekend

We had an absolutely fabulous time at our Mother-Daughter luncheon Saturday! Our theme was Redeeming the Time, and the tables were each decorated for a different time in a woman's life.

This was the "Newborn" table, complete with teddy bears and little knitted baby caps.

This table was decorated with antique to signify the later years of a woman's life.

Pattie and Theresa were doing a last minute run through for their skit, "Time Saving Tips from the Experts". Their tips included everything from dressing your kids for church on Saturday night so they're ready to go Sunday morning, to ripping out your lawn and replacing it with gravel so that you don't have to waste time doing yardwork. They were both hysterically funny!

Petrea and Sharon did a terrific job on all the decorating. Here they were taking care of a few last minute details before we started.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Lynn and Vicky. They put the menu together and, although they had some help, they cooked most of the food themselves. It was absolutely fantastic food--much better than catering--and we had so much left over that we had a fellowship after church Sunday night to finish everything off.

The down side of the weekend? My trip to the "spa". There are some real spas and some hair and nail salons that slap "spa" into their title in order to charge more money. Guess which one this was? I wasn't really pampered and the quality of the services I got--I won't go into all the details. It wasn't horrible, but it took forever and I didn't get much to show for the time invested. As far as pictures of my haircut, I didn't take any because she cut so little off, I don't look any different than I did before. She wanted me to start growing it out (I did for the past year, but I gave up on it two months ago and cut it again) because my hairstyle is boring. (According to her.) I was tempted to tell her that, as a pastor's wife, I'm supposed to be boring. Hehehe.
But it could have been much worse. She could have ruined my hair or done something really weird to my nails the night before our luncheon. I used the time I was there to go over my notes for speaking at the luncheon, so it wasn't a total waste. Just not the luxury I was expecting.
Tomorrow I'll tell you how my husband really stepped up during this hectic weekend. Just a little example of how he was willing to help do whatever was needed to make our luncheon a success.

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