Thursday, May 21, 2009

So This Is Love

Thursday I was putting the finishing touches on the printed program for our luncheon last Saturday. It was one page, printed front and back, and folded in half. When you opened it up, the inside of the cover was blank, and across the page was the schedule of the program. I showed it to Terry and he commented that I needed a poem to put on the blank page. Well I'd already thought of that, but my mind was also blank, and I could not come up with a poem that fit our theme to save my life. I had also scoured the internet and several resource books I had, and I still couldn't come up with a poem. It was going to have to stay blank, I maintained.
Friday morning Terry called me at work and said, "Hey, check your email. I found a poem for you." It was a great poem that fit the occasion perfectly. Where did he find it? He wrote it. That's right. My wonderful husband thought I needed a poem, so he wrote one for me. And here it is.

Everything is new with no memories to regret.
Time seems to last forever; there's nothing to fret.
The days are long the nights are short.
No responsibilities, no worries. No care of any sort.

School days are filled with laughter.
It's time to play and time to learn.
Kindergarten, elementary, and on to high school,
But life begins to take a turn.

Boyfriend, girlfriend, mom and dad,
Relationships and principles are hard to grasp.
Listen to whom? Following what?
Choosing direction is not an easy task.

I think with graduation that I've finally arrived.
Then comes college days, wild and crazy;
And also filled with decisions
That will affect my future family.

Wedding bells ringing, love is in the air.
Life will now be easy, without a care.
Until children now enter the scene. m
How many should we have? One, two or three?

Another summer, winter, day and night.
My childhood flew; my youth took flight.
Now my little ones are grown.
But what about their future? What seeds have they sown?

The house is now empty; we've plenty of room to spare,
We hope our grandkiddies will want to spend time there.
The days are getting shorter; life is drawing near the end.
Time no longer lasts forever, what with night just around the bend.

Ah, but this is just the beginning! The regrets of this life will soon be past.
In Jesus Christ a new season begins, and only what's done for Him will last!

Terry gets the wonderful guy of the year award for this one! I love you, Honey.


  1. Beautiful! Amazing Poem! Wow, he did great!
    What a treasure!

  2. What a wonderful gesture :)ç

    Great poem too!


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