Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Male Perspective

Here's a couple of pictures from our jaunt yesterday. These were actually taken when we got home and were cleaning the boat, because I forgot to take my camera with me on the water. I'm still getting used to having one that I don't throw away. : )
Living with six males gives me a unique view of the world and everything in it, including my life.

When you ask a girlfriend or a female in your family a question, whatever answer they give is usually wrapped in cotton and delivered gently. We're very aware of hurting each other's feelings. That doesn't mean we're not honest with each other, but we're careful how we say things. And we want to be encouraging. I think as females we try to sense what's needed and that's what we provide.
Not so with males.
They tend to be brutally honest. And sometimes they give their opinions even when you haven't asked them for it. Or don't even want it.

Example #1: We had a VBS workers' meeting after church a week or two ago. There were about forty people there, and I had a lot of material to cover. Any of you that have gone through a Madison Baptist VBS know what I'm talking about. I tried to be enthusiastic, keep it funny and light, but also give all the information I needed. When we got home I asked Matt how I did.
"If you had been my girlfriend or wife, I would have wanted you to be a little more reserved."
It's not like I was screaming or doing cartwheels while talking. I did not scratch myself in public or tell rude or inappropriate jokes. I didn't swear. Perhaps I should have been more reserved by sitting down and not speaking at all????

Example #2: The morning of our Mother-Daughter Luncheon I was having breakfast with the boys and chatting with them. And I was nervous about speaking at the luncheon. As I got up to leave the room, Nicky said, "Hey, Mom. You've got two red spots on your face."
"I know. I'm breaking out."
He looked shocked. "Breaking out? You mean, like, zits?"
"Yes, son. They're zits. This is why women wear makeup. So they can cover them up."
He eyed me critically. "Well it's not working. I can still see them."
I didn't ask his opinion after I finally got my makeup on that morning. I didn't want to know.

Example #3: We were driving to church when I heard Joel say, "Love you."
"I love you, too." I smiled at him.
"You said 'I love you', and I said 'I love you, too'."
"No, I said 'Limo'." He pointed to the vehicle passing through the intersection. "Look how long it is!"

They certainly have me grounded in reality. And I don't think I'll ever have too high an opinion of myself or my abilities. But does it really take six males to keep me humble?

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  1. hahahahahhaha, sooo funny. They lost the gene that makes us don´t say some things to make sure people dont feel bad.
    My babes is in extintion, I understand that more and more :)


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