Monday, February 22, 2010

Confessions of a Reluctant Martha

Okay, I know that some of you were absolutely and totally unable to enjoy your weekend for wondering what on earth my inner Martha had created. I must remind you that I'm a suspense writer. I'm nothing unless my story has a hook. But fret no longer. I'm about to tell you what I created.

This all started because of Katie at The Baby Factory.  Back in December Katie posted about making something. I was pretty impressed because I was struggling with getting any of my Christmas baking done. But then I read that Katie hadn't been making cookies. She'd been making laundry soap.

I freely admit that I thought she was off her rocker. After all, Katie has three boys under the age of two. She barely has time to make dinner, I'm sure, so why on earth would she be making laundry soap? Did she not realize she could buy it "ready-made" at the store? Then she said that it worked just as well or better than the stuff you could buy at the store.

Yeah, right.

Then she said she was only paying .06 cents a load.

And she had my attention. After all, we go through a lot of laundry soap, color bleach and fabric softener. I spend about $60.00 a month on all that stuff. Between the fact that we have a bunch of boys who generate their own odors, and we live in Florida where you can work up a sweat ten months out of the year, our laundry needs a lot of help. But still, when has something homemade been as good as what you can get in the store?

I thought about this for another two months, but finally my inner Martha screamed to be let out. So I took this--

And these--

and made this--

and now I use two of these:

to wash an entire load of clothes. That's an entire load that fits into one of the largest frontloaders we could find. My laundry is just as soft as it was with fabric softener. And it smells cleaner too.

I'm now spending about $9.00 a month on laundry.

Martha and I are both happy.  But I'm warning you--if my inner June Cleaver shows up, she's dead.


  1. That's an impressive savings! Congratulations on regaining your inner Martha : )

  2. I've been wanting to do this too! I need to go find those soaps. :)

  3. Yay! I'm glad you liked it! Laundry soap is way easier than like....bread ;)

  4. you think this soap would make people who are allergic to soaps get itchy? My son breaks out if I don't use one of those free & clear laundry soaps. I can't believe the savings! Good for you and your inner Martha. ;-)


  5. I admire your Martha-ness! :-) Hope you're doing well, Jill! I've been thinking about you and hoping you're finding joy amidst the sorrows and adjustment from losing your mother.

  6. FringeGirl, I wondered the same thing. My family tends to break out whenever I tried to switch soaps, so I stuck with one for years. So far we've had no reactions. I think the free and clear ones don't have dyes or perfumes added. Neither does this do-it-yourself brand. : )

  7. Thanks, Jody. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

  8. Fringe Girl~I don't have allergenic kids in my house, but the lady who I got the recipe from, her son was super super allergenic and they could only use All Free & Clear, and he has zero problems with this! My recommendation would be to make on batch and's super easy. It is a huge huge savings!

  9. You know, I really need to do that. I keep saying I'm going to make some and I still haven't done it.

    I guess I'll just have to buy the stuff and do it already!


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