Friday, February 19, 2010

Resurrecting Martha

Some of you may remember this post where I killed off my inner Martha. It was a glorious day and I enjoyed the murder thoroughly. However ...

She's baaaaack.

My inner Martha has resurrected herself. I resisted at first. Something that is dead should stay dead. I believe that firmly.

I couldn't help myself.

I felt the urge for some time to do something domestically creative. Not just anything domestically creative, but something specific that had been on mind for some time. I didn't want to. People would think it was weird. It wasn't a necessary thing--why make it when you can buy it? Yet still I was compelled to do it.

So I took this project up last Saturday. I created something useful. And it actually works. And it's actually more convenient than the "store-bought" item of the same kind. And I felt very good inside.

That's when I realized Martha was back. I've decided she can stay as long as she behaves herself. But I promise you now that if I get the urge to create a loom and weave something, I will channel that creative energy into thinking up new ways to kill the inner Martha. She must know her place.

So what did I create? Come back Monday and see.


  1. I wanted to wait until I had pictures. Yes, I know I did this last Saturday. It takes me a while to catch up with the camera, okay?

  2. I've been feeling the urge to be domestically of these days I'll give in ;)

  3. DOH! Way to leave us hanging! I almost didn't want to read about resurrecting Martha...I like her dead too. hee hee
    Hope you have a great weekend cause mine just got longer...Monday?!?

  4. I can't believe you didn't tell us what you made!!!

    That's not nice. ;-)

    You also underestimate the power of the loom. There's no telling what kind of inner creativity may burst forth when you pick up a loom, or are those inner demons?


  5. ???
    You're as good at marketing as Martha is too! LOL
    See ya Monday!

  6. Aww man Jill. That's just plain mean. Making us wait until Monday!

    Have a great weekend while I sit and wonder what you made. lol


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