Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

My Valentine saved up green M&M's (they mean I love you) the summer before we got engaged. He waited four months for me to say "I love you,too",and he proposed to me in a horsedrawn carriage. He moved to my hometown because I couldn't bare the thought of moving away from my family right after we were married. Even though he wasn't fond of cats, he gave me a kitten on our honeymoon because I wanted one.

He coached me through labor by reciting lines from Rocky IV. ("No pain! No pain!") He stopped when I threatened him. He cried when each of our children were born. He cried both times I miscarried. He changed the diapers of our children while they were in the hospital--and before I did. He insisted his boys had to be dressed in a "manly" way. This would explain why I have no pictures of our boys in bonnets. The boys are very grateful. He thrilled to each of our boys, but he waxed poetic when our second child was a girl. He called her the apple of his eye, and when she ended up being our only girl, he called her a rose among thorns.

He brought spontaneity and flexibility to my rather structured life. He not only thinks outside the box, sometimes he refuses to acknowledge the existence of the box in the first place. He taught me by example to put others before myself. As a pastor--as MY pastor--I've watched him reach out to the people in our church with both hands. He strives to meet not only their spiritual needs, but their physical and emotional needs as well. When he goes hunting or fishing, we not only have venison or fish to eat, but he gives it out to people in our church. I've watched as he's tried to help people find jobs, or struggled over making decisions. 

I've watched him cry over our children, pray for our children, and seen him respond to them with a wisdom and grace that amazes me.

I joke that he is the original Indiana Jones, and he truly does have a taste for adventure. Because of that, he's added a color and richness to my life that I never would have imagined. We've been married over half my life. In spite of a great childhood, I'd have to say the last half of my life has been the most fun so far. I can't wait to spend the next fifty years with you, Indiana! Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. What a sweet romantic husband you have! I have a total vision of him now and I love how he called your daughter a rose among thorns. ;)

  2. This was an AWESOME post! You are a good writer! :) I loved it all and was smiling the whole time! :)

  3. What a sweet post. I'm sure our husbands would be friends in real life...they have lots in common. Well of course my husband is not a preacher but you know what I mean : )

  4. Awww, that was so sweet! I will never see how my hubby would parent a daughter, but I'll bet she'd be the "apple of his eye!" He does a great job with our boys.

  5. Jill, what a sweet post. He sounds like a great man and you sound like a woman truly in love!


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