Monday, February 8, 2010

Through The Eyes of A Child

Sixteen is a monumental milestone in a kid's life. Our third-born turns sixteen in six days. I'm reeling every time I think of it. How could he be sixteen? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was a little boy with white blond hair who so loved to climb into the bathroom sink? He would sit there and wait to surprise the next person that came in. He would jump off the back of a church pew without a second thought. He "watered" the flowers in the flowerbeds in front of the church building.

And now he wants to learn how to drive.

I'm not ready, I tell you. How did he age when I haven't gotten any older? It's not a cliche:  where did the time go? I look at him and so many questions flood through my mind. The biggest question is: what do you get as a present for a monumental birthday?

Seriously, any suggestions?  (If you suggest we get him a car, consider yourself smacked in the head from cyberspace.)

Nicky, our ten-year-old came to me today and confided that he and his other two brothers were plotting what to get for Luke for his birthday. He said they hadn't narrowed it down yet, but how much did I think a puppy would cost? I told him keep thinking; that wasn't it.

As if having another child hit sixteen isn't bad enough, my kids always know how to make it a little worse. We went through a drive through after church tonight to pick up some burgers. I told Joel to hand me my wallet. When he flicked it open, my driver's license was clearly visible. Joel studied it closely for a moment and then asked, "When you get a new license, will they let you take another picture?" You gotta love his tact.

"It's not a good one, is it?"

Joel studied it for a moment more. "I've seen you in other pictures. You can do better."

Also in conversation on the way home was this question: would you rather kill a dragon for self-defense, or have a dragon for self-defense?

We get deep, I tell you. Hope you're braced for another week, and I hope it's a good one for you. Don't forget to leave a comment with a suggestion for a sixteenth birthday present. Just remember--there are three more after him. I don't want to set any precedents I can't live up to.


  1. Well I can relate to your feelings of going from toddler to teenager in a nanosecond. I have daughters and I have to say I think they are more difficult in almost every way at that age except for the gift department. Much easier to buy for a girl than a boy : )

    Mine didn't get cars at 16 so I won't suggest that. How about a nice wallet for the new driving license? And a gas gift card?

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. When I was 16, my parents took me and my friends to a hockey game. Maybe something like that?

  3. I got no ideas...sorry, I have girls. But personally I think the puppy's a pretty good idea. lol


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