Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Far Will You Go?

I know with a title like that you must be wondering what on earth I'm talking about. But don't have a hissy fit; as always the blog is G rated.

I'm talking about how far will you go to save money? How much is saving and how much is silly? For instance, some people will save their aluminum foil or wash and reuse their plastic storage bags. Other people think that's idiotic.

Some people spend time clipping coupons and cruising through sales papers and going to four different stores to get their grocery shopping done. Others think it's a waste of gasoline and time that they can't afford, and manage to get their grocery shopping done at one store.

Some people are almost professional shoppers at the thrift stores, while others always know when to hit the clearance racks at Macys and walk out with designer suits for peanuts.

Sometimes people think generic is the way to go, but other times people are willing to pay extra for brand name products because they're of "more value" in the long run.

Some people will drive a few further miles to a gas station that sells gas .03 cheaper. Other people calculate in their head how much more this gas station might cost and then decide the extra time is not worth the money saved.

Some people make their own laundry soap (been there!) and others think you're silly to waste time making something you can so easily buy in the store. (Also been there!)

So how do you save? Leave a comment telling me how you save money, time, etc., and also tell me what "savings technique" is a waste of time in your book. Enquiring minds really want to know.


  1. I am sporadic on using coupons, but wish I was more disciplined in this area, when you think about "coupons are actually like cash" and we wouldn't through away cash...I watch for sales and love a bargain. My mantra, "Never. Never. Pay full price." However, I splurge on high dollar make-up and comfy, nice shoes. I feel one cancels out the other.

  2. It's funny you bring up the gas thing b/c I have driven that extra bit to get my gas a little cheaper so many times & I am not sure it really even is cheaper after the extra miles to get there!

  3. I think I save the most by just not spending. Once our budget had to crunch, it's amazing how much I realized that we DON'T need. I only purchase as many outfits as the kids can wear in a week and we wear all our clothes until they literally fall apart. I use coupons, but only if I need the product. I use tons of generic, which is often cheaper than buying the brand with a coupon; however, there are a few brands that I love and buy. For me, it's just about not buying. When I need something, I'll scrounge for the best deal before I buy. I think quality more for my husband and I than for the kids. They outgrow things too quickly to have concern over quality.

  4. Your comment made me crack up! One of the best things about running is I get to eat anything I want -- and still fit into smaller dresses, lol!!

    In relation to your post, however, my husband has decreed that instead of going to the McDonald's Dollar Menu when we drive 3.5 hrs to my doctorate classes once a week, he's (not joking) bringing bread and PB so we can have PB sandwiches and not spend money.

    No. I'm not joking.

  5. I like the idea of coupons, but I'm not very good at the follow-through. Actually, I'm not a very good saver. I try, but I'm just not consistent at any one thing.

  6. In my house I'm the Spender. Saving money is the furthest thing from my mind. Thankfully I have a husband who has mastered the art of tightening the reins without putting a strain on our marriage. He is the only person that say No without making me crazy.

  7. I don't reuse aluminum foil, but I know someone who does. I thought she was joking the first time I heard it, lol!

    I used to reuse plastic bags but I'm not doing it right now. I have cloth napkins but right now we're using paper.

    I must admit I am not living as frugally as we have in the past (i.e. cloth instead of paper, etc.), but we're still frugal.

    For me, using baking soda instead of toothpaste is just not gonna happen. I don't want to make my own deodorant either, although I don't have a problem with the idea of making laundry detergent. I just draw the line at personal products, lol!

    I need to get my frugal on, and it's been awhile since I've done a frugal post too.

  8. oops, I forgot I'm not "myself." This is Nan, posting from the Five Mom's blog......

  9. Actually I was motivated to make my own detergent after seeing it on your blog the other day! :)

    I don't do the cheaper gas thing, and this is why. I have discovered that the "cheaper" stations (Walmart, Racetracks, etc.) put ethanol in their gas, which - even though it is better for the environment - lowers your gas mileage. When gas prices were really high, we only bought our gas at Exxon because they didn't (at the time) use ethanol and we got 5% cash back on our credit card if we bought gas at a stand-alone station versus a discount place. When I discovered the differences in mileage, I figured the $0.03 difference was not worth the loss of mileage. I mean, we're only talking about a $0.50 difference overall for much less gas mileage.

    I want to be better at coupons, but we don't even get the Sunday paper, so it's really difficult.


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