Thursday, February 25, 2010

Name Dropping

It says it right there on my facebook page:  "Jill and Jerry B. Jenkins are now friends". Nothing like having it in writing. I'm thinking of enlarging it and having it framed. I can put it on the wall next to the picture I have of Jerry and me. Of course I have a picture! Our paths have crossed numerous times.

All of the above is true, but rather misleading. I have met Jerry Jenkins, author of the Left Behind Series, many times. I've encountered him at booksignings and writers' conferences. Shoot, I had dinner with him and Gloria Gaither. Sat right at the same table. Along with nine other people.

In spite of all this, neither Jerry nor Gloria would remember me from a bowl of oatmeal. I just don't make that big an impression. Especially when all I did was sit there, awestruck, and pick at my meal while listening to their conversation. I did learn that both of them are kind and both are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of writing and music. But I kinda expected that anyway.

As for facebook friends, Jerry Jenkins has almost 3,000. I doubt Jerry looked at my friend request and said, "Oh, yeah! Jill! Writing for the Soul Conference, 2004! I've been wondering how she was doing!" More likely an assistant or two automatically clicks "accept" a couple of times a day.

So there you have it. I've met famous people. They don't know me and won't remember me. But hey, I've still got the pictures!

What about you? Met anyone famous? Someone whose name you'd love to drop into conversation? Drop it here. I promise we will all be impressed. In the meantime, I wonder if Gloria Gaither has a facebook page ...


  1. George Clooney. We had a conversation.

    David Cameron. (Potentially the next Prime Minister of England)

    my claims to fame.

  2. Oh, Joyce! I'm so jealous. (Over George Clooney, not David Cameron.) You throw it out so casually, "We had a conversation." I love it!

  3. When I was a teenager, we had a couple that came to our church. They were also Soap Opera stars. They were a big hit among the middle-aged woman.

    Ya, no name dropping for me. Except Martha's of course...from time to time anyway. ;-)


  4. Wow!!! I sure am impressed!! I use to dream about being a writer. But that has long since vanished as I can´t seem to impress even my MIL!

    I don´t think I have ever met anyone famous in person. I am sure I would post about it too though if I did. LOL

    my friend Sandy at God Speaks Today is going through the publisher process right now. YOu might have come across her blog. She was just at a conf. with Jerry.

    Well, I think its so awesome to meet new people!

    Dani Joy

  5. I sat with Tracie Peterson at ACFW last Sept. along with 9 other people! ;-) I doubt she remembers me either! But it was fun to tell everyone, especially my MIL who is a big fan of Tracie's books, that I sat with her!

  6. Well, I actually had the honor of doing vacation bible school with a soon to be well-known author named Jill Boyd. And I think she even remembers me. It is so nice to know somebody who is famous...or famous in my little world anyway. Now that is exactly what I will be saying when your books start getting published : )


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