Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Sticky Situation

Some things in our family are absolutes. They always have been and they always will be. These absolutes are not simply a matter of "we've always done it that way", but they are a matter of being firmly rooted in principles and beliefs that cannot be dissuaded.

For instance, we go to church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. There is no variation. There is no discussion as to whether or not we're going to go. We will be there. Another example is that my children will be respectful. No exceptions.

But just this week one of our bedrock fundamentals was shaken. My children have questioned something we've always done. Some of them are protesting against one of the absolute basics in our lives. The source of this rebellion?

Peanut butter.

I take peanut butter seriously. I am brand loyal and I am a choosy mother. Therefore, I choose Jif. It's what I've always bought, and I will not change.

Actually, the boys aren't complaining about the brand. They're complaining about the consistency. That's right. The age-old choice between smooth and crunchy peanut butter has reared its ugly head. I've always bought smooth. Always. I don't know how they came to discover there were any other choices. But somehow the joys of crunchy peanut butter became known to them. And I'm afraid some of them have crossed over to the other side.

Two and half of our boys have declared their loyalty to crunchy. (One said he could go either way--that's the half.) They've asked for it when we're in the store. They've turned their nose up at the faithful smooth that's always had a place on the pantry shelf.

So this week I finally caved. I bought crunchy. I'm not sure if this compromise will bring a new era of peace and happiness in our home, or if it will sharpen the divide between us. Only time will tell.

So what about you? Brand preference? And are you a "smooth" or a "chunky"? (When I put it that way, isn't the answer obvious?)


  1. That's quite the compromise! What's next? We are smooth and creamy...ALWAYS. :-)


  2. OH I wish we could get Natural peanut butter. WE get an imported brand and I have seen I think Jiff but I am not sure if it was the other brand name. they cost well over $3 for a little jar of it. Needless to say it´s a comodity in our home.

    Dani Joy

  3. We are all smooth lovers, although really only 2 of us 5 actually will take peanut butter above any other choice. Now that we are staying with the Starks, Deenie buys crunchy because it is the kind that Gary likes. Well, Nicole loves peanut butter, she is the one that is more crazy about it and wants it all the time, well after trying the crunchy she stated saying she didn't like peanut butter any more.... I guess she thought that was the peanut butter kind in america :). Since them she has learned otherwise..

  4. Now see, I'm picky about my peanut butter and I pick Peter Pan. Well until they had the scare about a year ago and took all of it off the shelves. It's finally back, but not always easy to find. So I've started using Jif sometimes too now. In fact, Jif is what we have right now. But I do not like crunchy at all. If they others in the family wanted it, I guess I'd buy it for them. I mean after all we buy 2 kinds of milk, skim and 2%, because hubby won't drink anything less than 2% and I don't want the fat. So I guess we could buy 2 different kinds of peanut butter, right?

  5. I like both, but in different situations. Smooth is better in recipes and crunchy on toast. We don't get Jif here in the UK so my favourite used to be SunPat. I've got one my brother brought over from Canada in the cupboard at the moment... very nice!

  6. I prefer chunky, but the kids like creamy.
    The kids win.
    There is more of them.

  7. Only creamy Jif for me. And my tastebuds are EXTREMELY discerning if someone tries to pass off any other brand! :-)

  8. Oh, this made me laugh b/c I choose Jiff as well & go through this with my 3 boys too. I am so blessed to find your blog ths morning through Cathy's award post. I am following your blog & look forward to coming back & getting to know you better! Blessings to you & yours...

  9. I can go either way! Peanuts in any form are delightful!


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